• New Klikdisc Teaser

    Teasing the New issue of Klikdisc!

    Next issue I promise won't take almost two years to make , Issue 6 will release on Jun 15th, 2012, Next Friday. Love to hear any comments on this trailer until then!

    Contents thus far barring any last minute changes....


    CT Interview - Francois Interview
    In the Lab -Jamie's Android Runtime Sneak Peek
    Who's who in Click -Jacob Pariseau Interview
    Release Roundup - Once In Space, Game about Game Literacy, Diver Dan 2.0, Monster Rally, Zombie Racers Xbox
    In Depth Review - Really Big Sky
    Game Spotlight - Nightsky
    Review - Best in Show PC
    Review - Pitiri 1977
    Design Spotlight - Slayin'
    Extension Roundup - Flocking Extension, Newgrounds Object, Flash FX Object beta, Tile Cost Object
    User Tips - A beginner's guide to making Flash Games
    Pro Dev Tips - Optimizing for iOS development
    Serious Business - DizzyDoo interview - Flash Game Licensing


    Music - Over 18 tunes free for use in your projects by artists Greg Courson
    , Mathias and Adam Dobay
    Open source MFAs - This issue has over 23 unique open source MFAs for you to jump into!
    New Objects - Flash Slideshow and Flash Gazo


    Nightsky Demo - Nicalis
    Really Big Sky Demo - Boss Baddie
    Best in Show Solitaire Demo - Graduate Games
    Pitiri 1977 Demo - IlikeSciFiGames
    Arvoesine Demo - Alastair john jack
    Dooder - Sexy Sexy Bicycle Studio
    FiNCK - Fire Nuclear Crocodile Killer - Nifflas
    Karate Master KDB 2010 Demo - Criansoft
    Splotches Demo - Jolly Crouton Media
    Invatris - Pharanygitis
    BounceFighters - DanUyos
    Beeps and Blips - Easyname
    Copyright Violation - MJK Games
    ZDay20 - Assault Andy
    The Sanzaru Fortress - Guillermo
    * Fresh Burger (Flash) - Pharanygitis
    Zenek Zombie - McO
    Whoosh! - MightyMark