• Clickteam Community Guide - We want YOUR submissions!

    Official Clickteam Community Guide
    Submit your Tutorial/Guide/Example today!

    The community forums are absolutely buzzing with our great and helpful users constantly submitting their own tutorials, guides and example files for people to follow. I want to create an official 'Community Guide' written entirely by the community. Here at Clickteam, my main task is to write individual and very specific guides on subjects that new users ask for, however as you know there are hundreds possibly thousands of different things you can do or achieve using Fusion 2.5 (Standard OR Developer).

    We want to welcome every single one of our users the chance to jump in on the new Community Guide, written by the Community for the Community!

    I will personally put together the entire document once we have enough entries and there won't be a 'closing date' as such.

    If you wish to submit a tutorial, guide, widget or example for inclusion please either create a new thread in this section and post a link to it in this thread below.
    Alternatively, you can attach an 'unformatted' Word Document and Zipped MFA's to this thread as a post. Each tutorial, guide, widget or example will be credited accordingly in the document.

    It will finally be available as a published PDF website featured on the website and available for download from the website and the forums.

    Any questions, comments or suggestions are always welcome. This is a great chance to put together a very cool and informative document for new-comers and existing-users of the community.