• 24 hours left - Noble Armada's Inquisitors Stretch Goal

    Less then 24 hours left on Noble Armada: Lost Worlds! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...lds-video-game

    The Empire’s faithful fear that the Lost Worlds are cesspools of sin and evil. Into the darkest heavens the Church sends its inquisitors, agents who punish heretics, users of proscribed technologies, demon worshippers, psychics, pagans, non-Church aliens, political dissenters and all other malcontents. The $7000 dollar stretch goal allows us to add this deadly faction into Noble Armada: Lost Worlds.

    Only flame can purify the heavens, and Inquisition ships carry flamers to cleanse the universe of evil. These flame guns add oxidizers so they can burn in the vacuum of space. The flamer is close range and does little damage to ships protected by shields. However, a ship with only armor will experience a quick death at the hand of this unique tool of the Inquisition. The Inquisition has the flamer mounted to the fore of the ship. Players playing with or against an Inquisition vessel must be extra wary when these ships point directly at their unshielded vessel.

    During boarding Church marines have the unique ability to convert squads of enemy troops over to their side. This unique power allows players to turn the tide of a boarding event in the favor of the Pancreator.

    The Inquisition will be both an NPC and player-selected faction. Help us bring the blessings of the Pancreator to all our backers with your support of our Kickstarter in its final day! Remember, increasing your pledge to $50 allows you to create missions for inclusion in the game, and at $7000 these missions will include the Inquisition!