• Roving in the Dark - Hitting Steam August 3rd

    We at Clickteam are super proud to help support Hayo van Reek with his first Steam release, "Roving in The Dark", We thought you might enjoy for #screenshotsaturday a look at the pre-release trailer! Hayo would love your comments!

    More info on our coming soon page https://store.steampowered.com/app/9...g_in_the_Dark/

    Roving in the Dark is a cave exploration platformer set in 1996. You play as a bearded caver (known as "Local Spelunker") who is tasked with rescuing ill-equipped treasure-seekers while finding treasure, hidden there by a medieval thief, for the local museum.

    Play as the famous bearded caver who had all his equipment taken! Making it difficult to help ill- equipped treasure-seekers while searching for the actual treasure for the local museum. Help Spelunker from the cave system itself, as the real challenge is the hazards found in the cave. Avoid slipping and falling into holes, getting hit by stones, getting super cooled, running out of batteries or being pushed by in by foreign cavers. Since you lost most of your climbing gear, navigating the caves will be quite a challenge. In the beginning you have to make due with just running, jumping and climbing up and down narrow passages. On your way you will find bits of your gear, opening up new areas. The game consists of 4 cave systems to explore, an over-world and several smaller locations like towns and lone houses.

    Roving in the Dark is heavily influenced by the limitations of 8-bit era games, with tiny pixel art graphics, a low colour palette and a low resolution. It does not have music in game, but 8-bit ambient sounds instead.


    • Four cave regions to explore
    • Light metroidvania styled game play
    • Old school 8-bit pixel style
    • Challenging gameplay
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