[Solved] Save Array doesnt work (DataStorageDirectory$) on Android

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  • I'm having another problem with saving and loading on an Android smartphone. I had this problem a few years ago and now it's back again. When I test the app with "Run Application" on Windows, saving and loading an array file works. But nothing is saved on the Android smartphone. I have already tested whether the array is entered correctly and apparently that is not the problem. I always build my app with API 33.

    Thanks for your help.

    I have also attached a test file that works under Windows, but not on the phone.

  • Android is limited with handling the filesystem on phones etc... Have you tried doing manually with INI files. that seems to work with the filesystem. And if u dont want ppl to edit the stuff. handling it with custom values. like a value of 7 * 7435687 - 3434 * 34, and when loading it back in reverse it.

    I think only known safe files are allowed to be written on the phone from your app/game.

    You can use a fastloop to save an array to ini
    save value to ini arrayx-arrayy=string or value
    If your using values and strings.

    If using ini on android check "save ini in application data folder"

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