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Thread: Isometric Lighting Engine - OUT NOW

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    Lightbulb Isometric Lighting Engine - OUT NOW

    Hi all!

    The Isometric Lighting Engine is finally out!

    There will be a LAUNCH SALE for one month until July for 30% off!

    This open-source example is an engine and level editor for the creation of three dimensional scenes and levels. With this engine you can easily build any type of isometric game and add powerful dynamic lighting. The engine in it's base form is high-performance, uses no extensions** or shaders and supports all runtimes***. It is scalable and includes a complete tool kit allowing for user defined parameters such as tile size, the ability to easily work with your own tilesets, adjustable light ranges, custom movement and more.

    - Dynamic 3D lighting and shadows
    - Dynamic tile loading
    - 3D platform movement example with customisable controls
    - Level editor with load and save
    - Simple interface
    - Includes a pathfinding example for multiple objects

    The core engine is <40 events, clearly presented and fully commented along with a fully illustrated manual so implementing it in your own projects is a breeze!

    Please read the attached manual for features and limitations and see if the Isometric Lighting Engine is for you. Any feedback is most welcome.

    * Some tiles shown here and in the video are from and are not included.
    ** UltimateFullscreen, Pathfinding object and Surface object must be installed to open but can be removed
    *** For lighting HWA must be supported
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    This looks awesome, to say the least!
    Sample .exe would be great to see this in action.

    Great work and good luck!
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    Thanks J3sseM, I might upload a sample .exe here soon.

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    Interesting. I am wondering, does this isometric engine allow for smooth lighting and normal maps? Comparable to Godot's 2D isometric lighting demo? Or is it tile-based only?

    Screenshot for comparison:

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    This example was long-awaited! Thanks for releasing it on ClickStore, SolarB.

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    I've been waiting for it! Please SolarB, upload a sample .exe, like J3sseM said. I'll buy this excellent engine for sure.

    EDIT: Do you have plans to release something like this, but without being isometric?
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    Pretty awesome stuff!

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    Great work, SolarB!! Right now I'm really sad that I don't have time for a little isometric side project, but I'll get this for future reference for sure!

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    It's great to see you here again with such amazing tool!

    Looks awesome

    Will get it as soon as my prepaid card will be revived ()
    a selection of my Fusion examples can be found here

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    Mind-blowing! Good work SolarB! Look forward to playing about with it...

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