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Thread: Namco's Pole Position clone project (Perspective Le Mans!)

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    Namco's Pole Position clone project (Perspective Le Mans!)

    Hi ClickTeam members.

    Once upon a time, there was a nice racing game for '80s home computers named Le Mans. It consisted of getting as much time as possible by surpassing a total of racing cars in less time!
    The game was seen from the top.
    I thought making a perspective version of it, using Pole Position Sprites... I would like to make a clone of this.
    However, I did not find a good methodology to simulate the "Super-Scaler" method, so I used the "bouncing ball" movement with limited directions for almost all sprites of the game.
    Speed had to be limited to "8", because If it exceeds this speed the sprites move off, and the street lines that give the impression of movement, cross over.
    Above all, I also was not able to make flowing curves and I had to use 4 frames for each.
    Would be nice to create a "Super Scaler" and flowing surves example to make a clone of this almost faithful.




    Download here to try it.

    Browser warns: The file can not be downloaded, it can be harmful.
    But I've tried it and it does not do any harm.
    At the end of the download, click on the arrow to the right of the download box and click on "Save".
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    Very nice, would it be ok if I move it to the Example section?

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    Hi Perry. Thanks.

    It would be nice to create the example of the Super Scaler and curve. Rip all sprites and make a perfect graphical clone is counterproductive in my opinion
    If you can (indeed, If you want; surely you are able ) I wish you place it in the example section .

    Note: I think Namco used super scale way in the far 1982, I don't know if they used another method!
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    Now that's how it's done, nice work

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    I saw someone is interested about my little racing game (more than a game is a sort of tutorial).
    I tried it in a Acer Aspire one Netbook (1,60 ghz cpu / 1,48 ghz ram) and it works fine!

    5=virtual coin
    1=start game
    ctrl + shift= car remains half-speed as the car's lowering gear.

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    Looking forward to discovering an easy example of super scaler method, I have made some improvements in my example:
    - red and white lines have turned them into a single object, so they do not spin and I could accelerate the game a bit.
    - Oil stains added as an additional obstacle!


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