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Thread: Admob for iOS - GoogleMobileAds / CRunAdMob.m not found - FIX!!

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    Admob for iOS - GoogleMobileAds / CRunAdMob.m not found - FIX!!

    For anyone that's faced this issue I found a fix that works a very consistent basis!

    Unzip your game somewhere, I'd recommend in a separate folder
    Download from
    Open the file to unzip it
    Once you've unzipped it you'll get a folder with a file called GoogleMobileAds.framework, take that file and put it in your game's folder (the one containing your .xcodeproj file)
    Go into Xcode, click on your project and go to Build Phases and expand Link Binary With Libraries
    Click the + icon and click Add Other...
    then go into your game's folder and select the GoogleMobileAds.framework file and click Open
    And that's it!

    If you run the application now it should build with no problem

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    Didn't got any problem with admob on iOS, are you sure you are doing things right?

    You need to add those frameworks to make the Admob Framework to work:

    - AdSupport
    - CFNetowrk
    - CoreMedia
    - CoreVideo
    - CoreTelephony
    - GLKit
    - MessageUI
    - Security

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