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Thread: Splotches is out on Steam (and iOS)

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    Splotches is out on Steam (and iOS)

    Hi old chums!

    Our remake of Splotches is out. You can pick it up on Steam:

    (I'll also drop the iOS link here instead of duplicating this thread in the other subforum:

    Please enjoy this doofy promo video we made:

    And catch some gameplay:

    All proceeds go directly to hiring Clickteam to do the Switch port. ;O

    Oh wait, there needs to be a pitch! Well, enjoy this saccharine marketing copy:

    Splotches is a bamboozlingly funtertaining puzzle game we lovingly crafted for the peoples. If you like globs of paint and explosions, Splotches is just the game for you! Mix together the primary colors red, yellow, and blue in any order to make a Brownsplosion. Spread the colors across conveyor belts, through portals, over filters, and into buckets on your quest to destroy the mythical Rainbow Orb.

    We made 120 puzzles and included a puzzle maker. Plus, it's got some bumpin' tunes by good old Johan Hargne.

    Ooh, here, have some App Store promo keys!
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