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Thread: Making and Exporting HTML5 Games

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    Making and Exporting HTML5 Games

    Hello. I have a some apps up on Google Play Store. I am a PC guy. I want to adapt the apps for running on the iOS system. Unwittingly, I purchased a new iPAD 2018 (~$350) and the MMF iOS Exporter, just find out that I now need a MAC computer. And, if I did all that, it is then $99 per year for an Apple Developers License. LOL. Oh well, new toys never hurt. So, now I'm thinking I'll try the HTML Exporter which I just purchased. I have converted one of my apps to HTML5, no problem. I found that I can zip the files, email them to another PC, download and unzip and run the app locally - no internet access needed. Is it possible to do this on the iOS systems? I tried, but have not had success.
    Thanks for your time.

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    A couple of things...

    Yes, you need a Mac to compile to iOS. However, there are tutorials out there that will show you how to install MacOS in a Virtual Machine. From there you can install Xcode and compile your final iOS project. There are also cheap remote-desktop cloud Macs available that you pay for by the hour. Many of these are specifically for compilation services. If you just want to run on your own iPad, you can sideload your app without a developer account (however it will stop running after a week and you'll need to do it again).

    In regards to your question, your HTML5 app does indeed require hosting to run. There are some extremely inexpensive or even free options out there to host your files. This is especially true on iOS where you don't have any means of loading files onto the device directly. Some people here have had success hosting their html5 app on dropbox, you can give it a try and search the forum here if you run into trouble. But after that you'll just point the safari browser on your iPad to the site hosting your html5 app and you'll be set.

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