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Thread: Analytics integration using Tenjin

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    Analytics integration using Tenjin

    Hello, would anybody know if it's possible to integrate this to a Fusion mobile game for Android,
    someone recommend me to use Tenjin (since there's a free version) for analytics,
    i've been trying to follow the instructions but i'm not sure of whats going on or if it's even possible.

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    I am interested in analytics as well there used to be a solution with google analytics: Link
    Not sure if it possible to do now as I think it requires firebase and installing the sdk unless there is a way around that.

    I found this service and it looked promising but i am stuck at the authentication step seems it requires the data to be encrypted in a certain way that might not be possible on fusion 2.5 basically using HMAC SHA-256 digest and base64 Game Analytics REST API

    If you or anyone else has found an analytics service that can be used with Fusion 2.5 please let us know!

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    hello I'm looking to use something similar as well. Did you find anything that's possible to integrate?

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