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Thread: Commandline Parser

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    Commandline Parser

    Extension Name: Commandline Parser
    Author: Jaffob
    Version: 1.0
    Category: Text
    License: Free for MMF2 Standard and MMF2 Developer, no credit required.

    Description: This is a small extension I made for parsing file names from your application's command line. What this does is enables you to see which files the user opened that caused your application to run. For example, suppose that .EXT files are registered to open with your application. Let's say the user double-clicks on C:\Folder\File.ext. Your application opens, and using this extension, it can retrieve that file path.
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    Cannot put in Extension Manager !

    Crash in testing the example included with extension, the crash is made when you test the main action of the object...
    Nicolas "Nico" Sourdeval

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