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Thread: iOS QRCode/BarCode Scan Extension

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    Anyone have any idea where a downloadable retail UPC / barcode database can be found? I can't seem to find one anywhere.

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    I dunno how, but I REALLY want to do a project using this

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    Hey can't make it working.
    I put the .ext into runtime/iphone/, the json-mfx-png into runtime/ and the mfx into extensions/ but I can't get the extension displayed in my extension list.
    Any ideas ?
    edit. My mistake, it was ignored by MMF at runtime
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    Hi All,

    With Big pleasure JustanApp and G2F2 Media bring this time Scan Object for iOS and Android exporter, you may find it here:

    Inside you will find:

    iOS and Android

    Manifest file to be replaced with the one inside Android runtime

    Directories containing the extension

    To install:

    please delete scan object from previous installation to avoid any conflict.

    For iOS and Android please follow internal instruction inside help

    Let us know if any error occurs.

    Fernando Vivolo

    ... new things are coming ...

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    great extent, but I have a problem to follow the instructions:

    when you say "replace the main manifest With The one inside the zip file, check for any repetited values."

    is done after generating the apk file?

    is the file that is at the root of the apk file?

    Manuel Novoa
    games for kids

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    Add the following code line to “RuntimeIPhone_Prefix.pch” file:
    • #import “ZBarSDK.h”

    i do not have the file "RuntimeIPhone_Prefix.pch"
    Have you managed to get this extension to work on iPad?

    Thank you


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    look in "Other Sources" folder in Xcode - there you will find the "YourApplicationName_Prefix.pch"

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    Beautifull, Thank you StingRay !!!!

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    It works well, but only with the first version of the extension.
    With the second version, you can not run Xcode :
    Have you ever had this problem? This relates to the UTF8 encoding?

    failed to load project at 'etc/scan.xcodeproj' for an unknow reason

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    How to cancel skaning?

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