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Thread: Fusion 2.5 official List of features

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    Fusion 2.5 official List of features

    Is there an official Click Team document that lists all of the features that will be coming with Fusion 2.5? I was on the live stream and read FanO's tweets, but I'm curious if there's a one place official document with everything listed.


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    I think we will finalize the list of new features on September 16th so sometime around then we can release exactly everything that made it in.

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    Thanks Jeff, I'm getting it regardless of what the official list is, but want to start mental preparations for all of the new features.

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    That's as official as it goes - list of things said on CC13 and tweeted my yours truly.

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    I only hope for two things: advanced object selection AND an array object overhaul with indexstrings and possibility to mix values with strings ;-) anyone?

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    A few questions. I skimmed through the other thread and don't remember seeing them.

    -Will there be a OS X editor for 2.5?
    -If so, will it be released when the Windows version comes out?

    -Can I upgrade from MMF2Dev to 2.5 Standard? (Then go up to 2.5 Dev later when I have more money)
    To my knowledge, my current projects aren't using any dev-specific features.

    -Will I need to rebuy any exporters? Such as the iOS or flash exporter. Or will they work with 2.5?

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    I'm fairly confident I read or saw on the stream that the exporters will not need to be repurchased

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