Hi guys, I've encountered a few bugs in Android when making this app for a client (android, ios). I didn't find the bugbox form that's why I'm writing here.

1. Calling a fastloop from string that has been constructed.
In my case, a global string was used to save text like this < "SFX_"+sMy_sound( "Guy_head" ) >. Later I would run the combined string as a fastloop and that works perfectly on Pc and other exporters, however not on Android.

2. Scaling in Y of generated actives cause shading to break.
This time I was using the "subtract" method (standard/dx8) for karaoke subtitles. Inside the app, after a few generated actives of this type they turned dark. Again this only happened on Android not Pc. For me the cause was scaling those actives in Y (I scale them in X aswell).

3. String causes forced exiting.
Before using a textblitter I used strings to present subtitles. I would create them on a set time and destroy them when they went outside the screen. Under testing I would count the amount of existing strings with a counter as to let me know that they where removed. However after approximately 35 strings the app would demand a forced exit even if I only had 7 existing.

If these problems are resolved or known then just disregard this post..