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Thread: Super Mega Best Cat Adventures

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    What have you been feeding this cat?

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    This is insanely cool PBarwick, wonderful work on colors!

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    Thanks Schrodinger! I love working with bright and crazy colour combinations, I think I'm really starting to hit my stride a bit - I'm excited to see what else I can do!

    Quote Originally Posted by Robeez View Post
    What have you been feeding this cat?
    Rainbows and diamonds!
    SUPER MEGA BEST CAT ADVENTURES Kickstarter and Greenlight live now!

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    Your splash screen looks awesome!!!

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    Thanks Rosse119!

    Just a little update today - Sometimes it's the little things that are important!

    Stepping behind an obstacle lets you see through it, with a quick fade to it being translucent. This is important as it should help keep the player feeling in control - now they can see themselves all the time.
    SUPER MEGA BEST CAT ADVENTURES Kickstarter and Greenlight live now!

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    Cool effect!
    I love that cat sprite very nice

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    Thanks Schrodinger! Most of my animations of this project are deliberately low fidelity - but I thought it would be fun to try out a more detailed one!

    Update 013

    I've jumped into 2016 by making a new plan for the next three months. Thinking back over the last year, some things have gone well, others haven't.

    It's difficult working on a long term project like an indie game, a lot of time and effort has to go into it behind the scenes and integrating that into daily life is something I find challenging to balance. That said - I'm excited by the plans I have for 2016 and through making that plan it's given me a bigger drive to knuckle down and focus on what's important. I couldn't recommend more taking the time to sit down and think about what is the *most* important - and structure your workplan towards that. It's more fun to spend *all* your time making the game you want to make, and tweaking that to perfection, but, let's be honest - that time is wasted if you're not coming up with a strategy for getting people to actually *play* your game.

    A big stepping stone for me this year is Kickstarter. I really want to get my project up there soon to finally gain some funds to push the development forward faster. For the Kickstarter to succeed though, I need to get people to know about it. I'm trying to be a bit more active on Twitter - not something that comes naturally to many developer types! I'm finding it quite fun - though I have to remember that there is a purpose to it (getting people to see my game!) - it's not just for drooling over everyone else's fantastic projects!

    I'm aiming to hit Kickstarter towards the end of March, and my preparation is split into three tiers of activity:

    - Content preparation
    - Spreading the word
    - Developing fun looking stuff

    I've split these down further into smaller areas, and my primary goal for the first couple of weeks has been mainly focussed around 'Spreading the word' - though admittedly the quiet and boring side of this. That means:

    - Collecting contact details of people in the press/blogging community/youtube etc who might be interested in my project
    - Finishing my 'Showcase' website

    The website is functionally complete - it's just the boring browser testing side of things. If anyone else is into web design and knows this pain, I salute you. With the proliferation of browsers about, it's an inevitably frustrating part of web design. Things can be made easier with the use of good tools - I'd recommend SauceLabs or BrowserStack to help with testing across different browsers and devices.

    So yeah, the new website is nearly done, I'm extremely pleased with how it looks and I'm really looking forward to revealing it this weekend!
    SUPER MEGA BEST CAT ADVENTURES Kickstarter and Greenlight live now!

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    Update 014!

    Another update! Yesterday's update was distinctly lacking in visuals, so today I'll show off the latest new visual effects that I've been working on!

    I've created a new background effect, I'm not sure what contextual meaning this might have yet - but it looks pretty awesome!

    This effect was created by creating a series of circles at the player, which then slowly move towards the centre of the screen. I was hoping this would look like you were travelling through a tube (it doesn't) but I'm really interested in how it turned out anyway! Sometimes happy accidents are more interesting than the effect you were looking for - it's important to reflect on what it is you're doing all the time just in case you stumble across something better!

    With a little more experimentation - I changed up the colour palette and frequency of the circle creation - which really made a difference to the feel of the effect!

    I like each version so much that I might just keep both as variants! As you may have read before - I love trying to preserve as much variety as possible to keep the experience as fresh as possible for the player.
    SUPER MEGA BEST CAT ADVENTURES Kickstarter and Greenlight live now!

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    Second one feels a little like a wormhole
    both mesmerizing - potentially seizure inducing - and very cool!

    On your previous post, I did some web design in the past,
    and cross-browser testing is the worst pill a diligent webdesigner has to ingest
    moreso because it feels like having to put some millions people's patches
    on three-four (one?) companies mistakes / nonsense / common direction refusal

    looking forward to see your work online!

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    Update 015

    I'm thrilled to announce that the new website for SUPER MEGA BEST CAT ADVENTURES is now live!

    Check it out here:

    Shiny GIF incoming:

    It's been no small amount of work but I am very pleased with it and I think it represents my game well. It was an interesting process, as by doing it I had to really consider how to present the game in a different context, and determine exactly how I feel the aesthetic direction of the project should be moving. It's given me some clarity on design that I can bring back into the game itself - an unexpected bonus!

    In making the website, I've spent a little time preparing some more game play footage to share. I'll write a little about some interesting aspects that we can see in each one too.

    The square enemy at the bottom right of this clip spawns small bombs which leave dangerous holes in the map when they explode! Be careful not to stand in one of you will fall to your death! And yes those are tampons thanks for asking.

    These prawn toasts are a powerful mini-boss which take a lot of hits to bring down. They constantly spawn mini-prawn mobs with increasing frequency, so they are quite a challenge! These were inspired by a visit to a Chinese restaurant I had, where I accidentally ate some (I am vegetarian - they just looked like bread!!) and so as such I have decided they are evil for their masquerading ways.

    Other enemies also can spawn their own mobs, such as these banana bunches. Take down a big bunch and it'll split down into it's much faster moving individual bananas!

    Some environments have their own atmospheric effects. The snow filled rooms have a softly descending snowfall, and the heated rooms (such as the volcanic room above with the prawn toasts) have a strong wind, blowing hot dust and ash.

    I'm really happy I have completed the website - it means now I can focus on the next stage of the project - producing more in-game content and planning my Kickstarter!

    Thanks for reading - don't forget to follow me on Twitter if you want to stay up to date with work in progress insights, screenshots and more.

    SUPER MEGA BEST CAT ADVENTURES Kickstarter and Greenlight live now!

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