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Thread: Export data in Frame Editor to an Image.

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    Export data in Frame Editor to an Image.

    Hello all,

    I need a way to export large map data with all of the background objects/active objects into one Map Image file for distribution to clients.

    This is imperative as maps I am working with are too large to do a screen capture and often I need to show map data to clients who do not have or understand Fusion.

    For instance, if someone were to do what I am trying to ask for they would get a result like this from the Frame Editor (where the map is constructed), exported to an image (PNG) for example. =>

    Is this possible? If not can we make it possible? I rather not take tons of screen shots and stitch them together every time I have to show someone a map, which is pretty often.


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    Unfortunately this is not possible as far as I am aware.

    Only the objects inside of the window are rendered. As you scroll past objects they are no longer being rendered.

    Could you download a screen recorder like fraps and do a manual fly-by of the map? That would at least be more efficient than take screens by hand and stitching them together.

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    Loop through the entire map, screen grabbing each sub region with the surface object. Then basically paste it together and export it in your desired format. Correct, objects off screen aren't rendered so the exact approach will depend on your game mechanics. I'm too busy to do it for you but PM me if your budget permits outsourcing and time can be made.

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