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Thread: Formula for adjusting parallax positions? :)

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    Formula for adjusting parallax positions? :)

    Greetings! I'm having an issue where I have a few layers that utilize parallax scrolling, and it' sort of conflicting with my level editor.

    Let's say I have a certain screen position where I want some bushes in the background to scroll by when the player walks by, but the x-coefficient of that layer is 0.85 or something, so if I actually place the bushes at that point, they will have scrolled by before the player gets to them. Is there a way to take the position backdrop and "adjust it" at the start of the level so that it will be at the correct position when the player passes by?

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    I think you'll need to do this position adjustment in order for it to be in the place you'd like.

    (Position - WindowSize/2 ) * LayerCoefficient
    You'll need to either add or subtract this expression's result, I haven't done this before so I will need to test this when I have the time to.
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