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Thread: Ourobos Legacy - Metroidvania Game (Post Ludum Dare)

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    Ourobos Legacy - Metroidvania Game (Post Ludum Dare)

    Well considering everyone is uploading their WIP on here I thought, what the heck I'll follow the same boat. Ourobos Legacy is somewhat a sequel or upgraded version of my LDjam34 game, Ourobos which you can play right 'ere!

    It's basically a Metroidvania type game in the style of something you would see on the Game Boy Color. I'm taking a little bit of liberty with some aspects, like background scrolling and sprite limits but for the most part it should feel rather authentic.


    • 7 Weapons each with a "charged" version of attack.
    • 20+ Different Enemies to destroy and explode
    • 8 Power Up Enhancements, from jetpacks to dash boots.
    • 7 Huge Bosses to Fight and Destroy
    • 8 Huge Zones to explore and get lost in
    • Many secret areas to uncover.
    • Retro Styled Soundtrack and Modernized Soundtrack
    • Option to change between Enhanced Graphics to Classic GBC style.
    • Choose between the classic GB 4:3 screen size or modern 16:9 style.

    At the moment the story is still under development however it will be somewhat of a continuation of the bare LDjam story. Something to with space, aliens, viruses, you know the general guff.


    • Movement Engine: 100% COMPLETED
    • Power Ups/Collectables: 100% COMPLETED
    • Weapons: 100% COMPLETED
    • Environments/Hazards: 100% COMPLETED
    • Enemies: 100% COMPLETED
    • Bosses: 15% Complete
    • Menus/Maps: 100% COMPLETED
    • Save System: 100% COMPLETED

    • Zone 1: 35% Completed
    • Zone 2: 100% Completed
    • Zone 3: 15% Completed
    • Zone 4: 0% Completed
    • Zone 5: 0% Completed
    • Zone 6: 0% Completed
    • Zone 8: 0% Completed

    • Music: 25% Completed

    Ourobos started off as my entry for LDjam34 where it placed 13th overall. After the jam was finished, I had to much fun making a mini metroid game I wanted to expand it and make it into something much more fleshed out. I started work on it straight away however other project and work got in the way and the basic engine was sitting on my pendrive for a few months, untouched.

    Some random screengrabs of the LDjam game.

    I had this on the backbench for a while, (actually since Ldjam34 ended,) but I thought it was about time to dig it out and carry working on it. Actually a lot has changed from first version back in December, mostly a better pause screens, with detailed maps and a bestiary. (Also colour palette editing and tightening up on movement stuff.)

    Anyway I hope you like what you see, I'll try and post frequently with updates. I sort of want to keep this diary, not only to show the game off to people but also to see how I progress and develop this game. (I like looking back on stuff! >.<)

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    Remember seeing this on Tigsource. It is looking great as ever!

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    that's sum awesome lookin graphics u got there, keep at it dude!

    Edit: just realised there's a link to it wow! it's slick! great stuff
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    Great work Sinclairian, you definitely have a touch for graphics and animation!
    Also many interesting weapons and setting fx, very fresh and eye-catching.

    Not sure why but some of the screenshots reminded me of classic arcade "Toki",
    ...probably the big sprite and the "jungle" feel of some stages

    (also recently played Tattle & Tale, very nice work!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrilley View Post
    Remember seeing this on Tigsource. It is looking great as ever!
    Thanks! Yeah I should post there more but I usually forget about Tigsource. I see you're using Fusion as well? Jarvis looks incredible, I've got to check out your thread 'ere, looking forward to playing that!

    Quote Originally Posted by SHINBAXTER View Post
    that's sum awesome lookin graphics u got there, keep at it dude!

    Edit: just realised there's a link to it wow! it's slick! great stuff
    Thanks, although the link is to my Ludum Dare jam version of this game. Ourobos Legacy is basically an vastly upgraded post jam version And thanks, nothing beats 8bit sometimes

    Thanks Schrodinger, it's just basic 8bit tile work really, quick and easy to make. (Don't want to spend too long on this project as it's just a post jam version.) Haha Toki I remember that game and yeah I can somewhat see where you're coming from, I believe it's possible the trees? Yeah I guess it is the jungle feel haha!

    (And thanks about TattleTale, I'm planning to go back to that and just touch it up a bit, feel like the lack of time effected the overall polish but I guess it's having the time >.<)

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    Looking good! Keeping my eye on this one...

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