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  • Hey everyone,

    My last project was a game created with Clickteam Fusion called Please login to see this link., so I figured it might be a good idea to offer my services over here.

    Why don't you have a listen to a small selection of previous soundtracks over at my Please login to see this link.?

    As for my background; I work at a Please login to see this link., both on pay-roll and freelance.

    Thanks to my main line of work as a film composer, I benefit from an extensive network of instrumental and vocal artists as well as ample recording capabilities for anything from voice-over work to live orchestral sections.

    That said, I have a huge love for game music and would love to join in a project that's willing to take their sound to a new level without the need of an AAA budget.

    If you're interested in my services, have any questions or just want to say Guten Tag, shoot me a mail:

    Should you want to directly inquire a bid for your project, please include some information.
    The more, the better! Things like these are of particular interest:

    • How many tracks and/or sound effects do you need?
    • How soon do you need them?
    • What style are you thinking of?
    • How and on which platform(s) are you planning to release your game?

    Hope to talk to you soon!


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