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Thread: Haxorz - A RPG open source example

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    Haxorz - A RPG open source example

    Free for Reactants:

    Part of The Reactor:
    Also on Clickstore:

    Haxorz is a opensource RPG developed online during a live stream for "The Reactor" and then polished up a little bit. Deceptively simple looking, it contains alot of good stuff that can help you get started with building your own robust RPG. As part of The Reactor it is completely FREE to members. Check out some of what is inside!

    -Overworld Map & Battle Engine
    -Using String Parser stores and loads overworld map data including chests state and location of player
    -Transition to battle effect using a shader (Included)
    -Scaleable battle engine where difficulty is determined by global value
    -Active timed battle, including basic attack, heal, fire and Haxorz attack
    -Basic particle effects using expression editor statements and -Clickteam movement object
    -simulated parallax scrolling using the layer object
    -Simple Physics movement falling title code

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    Thanks for sharing

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