Free For Reactants: String Parser 2

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Pick up some cool tips & tricks to one of the more powerful objects in your Fusion 2.5 development arsenal. Leveraging String Parser 2 gives you the ability to do amazing things including parsing data formats like XML or CSV, Store large blocks of data and transform characters to Ascii and back. This pack gives you five examples that do everything from regenerate level data to parse XML, the examples include...

  • Delimiter Basics: Learn how to wield Delimiters and Elements with the parser object
  • XML Basics: Take a simple XML example and strip out all the tagging and add the data to a list object
  • Parsing Movement: Leverage String Parser 2 to build a movement system that will parse through your movement instructions
  • Using Level Data: Demonstrates random world creation, building a multi delimited string and then recreating the same scene from it
  • Misc Function: Utlize some of the lesser known functions like santizing a string for a URL or convert to Ascii