This year (7th) Click Convention is held in Warsaw capitol of Poland. Again we will have opportunity to meet and get known about new ideas and projects not only from ourselves as Klikers but also from Clickteam!

Main organizer Fanotherpg would like to inform us that only 40 days left until deadline for application and there are only 40 places so better hurry up if you would like to participate in it.

Except like always presentations there will be organized a trip through city and some interesting klik competitions for all participants!

If you have got some interesting project - game, application, extension or you want to talk about your experiences in game making and related things like advertisement or promoting you should contact as and you probably will be one of the lecturers!

We hope to see you there! For more information check convention page


Please contact Fanotherpg via PM on the forums if you have any questions about the convention.