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Thread: In need of Programmer. PAID

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    In need of Programmer. PAID

    I am designing a game with intent on it landing on the shores of Xbox Live Arcade, PC and Mac. It's a 2D platformer in the style of a Metroidvania game. It does require liquid and particle physics because of the amount of environmental destruction the player will inflict on the levels. There is no 3D whatsoever. I have most of the tiles and animation done so far. Still need to finish some of the enemies and backgrounds. I probably have about 10 months of art, music and sounds done so far.
    The player controls this EDU drilling mech...
    You can attach different weapons and upgrades to it by scavenging for parts.
    But she can also jump out of the mech and run around stabbing enemies...
    drea-stab.gif Click the image to get a bigger (non fuzzy) picture.
    She can fit into smaller spaces and is more agile but lacks the power and projectile weapons. You will have to play both styles to solve environmental puzzles to proceed further in the game.
    The idea behind the game is exploring. You do so by drilling into a giant planet sized creature. You use sound wave drill guns, explosives, missiles, and other weapons and gadgets.
    I have put up a development blog showing the making of the game and it also features the making of the Kickstarter short film. I would like to know how much your rate is. I have quite a number of people following the game's devlopment so I know I will get more funds for the Kickstarter campaign but I can pay you now for the time being. More money will come later but like I said, I can pay now. Just tell me what you are worth and we'll work it out.

    Check out the blog to see more of the game... Copy and paste that link. It wouldnt allow the URL link for some reason. Thanks for looking. Hope to hear from you.

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    wheres the kick starter page?

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