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Thread: Port Python extension to iOS

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    Port Python extension to iOS


    I decided to write my request directly here -
    As I already asked for it few months ago, I would need the Python extension port to the iOS runtime.

    I develop mainly personnal applications which won't never released on the appstore, and use jb devices. That's why I told to Anders in my original request that I don't care about Apple's guidelines since I'm not developing for public. (Maybe their guidelines are changed about this, I don't know).

    I do need this porting, that's why I would appreciate if someone who know obj-c would be able to port the extension to iOS.
    Since it's not a request which be needed by everyones, we could talk about a donation for this job.


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    I've just found an amazing website, wich allow you to execute your own python script online !
    It could be great to use python script for a cross platform fusion app with the get object !

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