I am looking for a developer who would be interested in developing an extension for audio analysis on the go.

To make description as vague as possible, something what Audiosurf does, analyse track finds out when it speeds up, when it slows down, when new instruments/vocals are added/removed (audio lines) and generates track data on that basis.

- Preferably multi-platform, but Windows for the start will be sufficient.
- MMF2 or Fusion 2.5 compatible (preferably both)
- Can be based on open source technologies (ESSENTIA, Clamp, Matlab, aubio)

- Able to load and analyse audio track (beat rate, pitch, various audio lines, volume) - MP3 at least, something better quality like FLAC would be better rought.
- Being able to use track data in expression editor and event conditions

Price: Negotiable, its more about functionality, stability and time than money.

Looking forward hearing your proposals.