Happy Holidays 2020 - We made it thru!

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  • Hey Guys!
    Ya I have pretty much been off the forums all of 2020 - I am working behind the scenes now days and not out in frontlines of the forum anymore.

    I wanted to share a bit of news and give a holiday update plus just let you know I am still around here :)

    I am sure you've seen all the games powered by Fusion and hitting the various consoles and markets. Proving yet again you can create commercially successful games with Fusion!
    I wanted to give a big shout out to all the very creative games, users, and example files I've seen released -- Honestly our users amaze us every day!
    Keep on pushing Fusion to its limits!

    If your looking to earn a couple extra bucks in regards to Fusion, I'd invite you to make some materials for the Please login to see this link. and also join the Please login to see this link..
    Also if you had the desire to sell Fusion to schools and other educational groups! Get ahold of me! We can help you do this and you can earn some money from it!

    I would like to present to you! -- Santa's Present Panic
    A 2D platform game you can check out -- tear apart and maybe see a couple tricks you didn't know before.
    This game was made by a good friend in just a couple weeks after work. His regular job is a pixel artist for a giant video game creation company.
    He will tell you right off --- "I am not a programmer" but he loves using Fusion because he can quickly get his idea to come to life.
    Big Thank you to Adamski for getting this done so very very fast!

    Please login to see this attachment.Please login to see this attachment.

    You can grab the source for Fusion 2.5 here - Please login to see this link.

    We at Clickteam have a few other presents still getting wrapped so you have to wait for those until later in 2021! but things are happening!

    And since its an xmas tradition ..... Please login to see this link.

    Looking forward to the next year,

    Please login to see this link.

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