Problem with physics (Box 2D)

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  • Hi guys!

    I have a problem with the physics (Box 2D), I created a ball based on a circular shape, the problem is that the ball never stops (horizontally). So the question is, how do I fix this to make a more realistic physics?

    Here's an example:

    Please login to see this link.

    ¡Thanks and sorry for my english!

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  • OldSchool80s-Box2D works pretty well for both the standard runtime and Flash runtimes. Its not currently available for iOS,Android,XNA

    DTownTony - Thanks I did not know that, thanks for the update. I guess I have to think of each platform as individuals... duh, to me. :)

    I feel like such a kid again, back in the 80s, relearning... but back then you were only coding (or as we would call it, programming) :) for one system. I was all Atari 800. :)

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