Breakout style game: Bouncing ball games

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  • I have Clickteam Fusion and The Game Factory 2. I am creating a Breakout style game. I want to get the following effect: When the ball collides the paddle and depending in which part of the paddle it touches the angle of bouncing changes in order to have better control over the ball. I have an example of an ActionScript 3.0 game created by my friend that has the effect I'm looking for using TGF2 and CF2:

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    Please, watch it and try to explain me how to get this bouncing effect in any Clickteam product!!!. Thanks! - Nicolás Matías Funtalas.

  • Hi there Nicolás, here is a video example :D
    [video=youtube_share;gYKxF1DwYdI]Please login to see this media element.]

    it's super simple. :pacman:

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    Take a course in Clickteam Fusion Please login to see this link.
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  • In Flash this is the formula to get this behaviour when the ball colides with paddle:

    function bounceAgainstPaddle():void
    var position:Number=ball.x-paddle.x;
    var percent:Number=(position / (paddie.width - ball.width)) - .5;

    I memorized this formula. Can you explain me why it produces that behaviour of bouncing with the paddle depending which zone of it touches???

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