In need of 2 games programmers.

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  • Hello.

    I am hiring two professional programmers that are proficient in the "Clickteam" language to build a feature-limited side-scrolling platform game. Based on the recommendation of one of my colleagues I was lead to believe that Clickteam is the language of choice for this game. This game IS STRICTLY a side-project of mine, because of personal commitments. I manage a firm full-time that is not software-focused.


    • Two years of experience with Clickteam and its "Common Framework"
    • Portfolio of your programming works
    • A "can-do" attitude
    • One shipped title (preferred)
    • American (HIGHLY preferred)

    I will pay competitive wages to the chosen candidates following an in-depth interview and reviewing the portfolio.

    Thank you for your patience.

  • Well, it partially depends on whether or not you want decent performance, especially on mobile devices. If you want decent performance, then with Construct 2 being based on HTML5 and all, I wouldn't expect it to get you the same performance as Clickteam Fusion 2.5. However, if performance isn't a concern, Construct 2 would admittedly have some pretty serious advantages.

    However, I think the main reason that nobody here is responding is that most people here are a bit too busy making their own games... FYI, I probably won't be able to help make the game either, given how many games I'm already working on, but I thought I'd at least tell you the likely reason for the lack of responses, and answer your question about Construct 2.

    My Please login to see this link. (which I actually use), my Please login to see this link. (which I mostly don't use), and my Please login to see this link. (which I don't use anymore pretty much at all really). If there are awards for "'highest number of long forum posts", then I'd have probably won at least 1 by now. XD

  • what graphics style r u thinking of for ur games? r we talking simple nes style mario bros 1, or more detailed snes megaman x/super contra/ super castlevania?

    and roughly how many levels?

    wat are comparable games to what ur looking for?

    a few more details like these will give us the scale of the projects, & help people to decide if they want to help :)

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  • If Someone helps, make sure you have it all in writing too.. (Don't want to sound like an a.s but it's reality now these days)
    I worked on a project for 2 months, and the company i worked for, decided to switch to Unity, and dropped Fusion... so I lost $$$ on this, since they didn't pay me for the work I've done already
    so i never ever will do projects for money, unless it's all on paper.
    I've learned my lesson.

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